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I’m With Her

Stand up and Say:



Independent Women’s Forum and Voice know that millions of women are disappointed that the so-called Women’s March movement neither represents them nor respects their beliefs. 


To assert that all women think alike or march under one political banner isn't progress. It’s old-fashioned stereotyping and groupthink—and it’s unfair. All women deserve to be heard and respected.


The Women’s March flies under the banner of feminism, but it really isn’t promoting equality or opportunity for women. It’s purpose is to promote a far-left progressive agenda—and, since they can’t get it done in Congress, they want to use the Supreme Court to do it.


That’s why they are fighting a highly qualified Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett. Ironically and hypocritically, they are using the same “War on Women” arguments against her, and are even standing by while some argue she can’t be both a Supreme Court Justice and a good mother. 


They’ve gone too far. We must come together to champion women, not tear them down. 


That’s what we do and why we held the 2020 “I’m With Her!” Rally at the steps of the Supreme Court. 

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Join us in saying:
“I’m With Her!”


  • Stand up for civility, diversity of thought, and respect for all beliefs.

  • Stand up for respect for ALL women.

Stay Involved

No woman—whether she is a college student, a mom, a businessperson, or a public official—should be silenced or intimidated because she holds a particular political perspective or religious belief.


Women stand for fairness, respect, civility, empathy, inclusivity, and diversity. Women’s movements should empower and celebrate all women.


Sadly, despite a celebrated beginning, it has become clear that the organizing done under the guise of the Women’s March is seen by many women as a political movement designed to advance a liberal or progressive agenda and to protest President Trump. It relies heavily on identity politics, excludes whole categories of women, and acts as though all women should think, feel, live, and vote only one way.


To assert that all women think alike or march under one political banner isn't progress. It’s old-fashioned stereotyping and groupthink—and it’s unfair. The march organizers talk a lot about diversity, but diversity of thought, faith or political ideology isn’t a kind of diversity they ever display.


We’re speaking up, because women should not be hijacked for a political agenda. Women, in all our individual variety, deserve to be heard.


The wonderful reality is, as much as we still have to do, women have come a long way, and we are better off now than ever before. It’s time to recognize that we have power and we can decide what our future looks like.

Let’s celebrate women's achievements and advancements. And let’s champion women who see America—and greater freedom and opportunity—as holding tremendous promise for all women. But we need to know you’re standing with us.

Are you ready to champion all women and celebrate all voices? Show you’re in.  

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